Textile, Electronics, Wireless

We will change Sports, Working, Healthcare with our Technology.

We are a Textile and SensorTech company based in Japan.

Teijin Frontier Sensing Co., Ltd was established in Japan by Teijin Frontier, which has one of the world's leading textile technologies, and Sports Sensing Co., Ltd, which aims to revolutionize with sports sensing technology. A completely new wearable technology company develop wearable device, web service and mobile application. All user experiences can be built by ourselves. We will provide the most powerful solutions for user that Sports, Working and Healthcare.

  • Audience cheering at the stadium
  • Road construction
  • Rehabilitation of foot injury
  • for Sports

    Achieve high performance through conditioning management & deep understanding of the team. PDCA for performance is faster, and grow.

  • for Working

    Manage condition of workers in the filed. Also we can be link our wear with IoT equipment.

  • for Healthcare

    Monitor those who need to be cared. Secure safety and reduce the burden.




with Teijin Frontier Inc.
New "wearable solutions" that make invisible data change to visible and valuable.
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Comprehensive wearable solutions that combine High functional fibers with Sensing technology.

MATOUS®︎ is a smart clothing brand that combines High functional fibers with Sensing technology. It offers new, comprehensive wearable solutions bringing together textile-wear, sensing-ware and soft-ware.

Sensors are built into the wear can allow movement of everyday life.

Optimal high functional fibers are selected the wear’s intended use and sensor measurement is realized without a sense of incongruity. So the wearer can move freely and perform just as they would usually. It is also possible to add a variety of functions to the wear to make them more comfortable for their desired use.


Company Profile

Teijin Frontier Sensing Inc.
Taisuke Sawada
+81 92-408-5566 / +81 92-510-7069
2-2-1, Mukaino Minami-ku,
Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka-ken 815-0035, Japan